Clinical Waste Treatment Plants

We specialize in waste treatment facility design, construction, and maintenance, with experience in medium-to-large-scale installations for hospitals. Our advanced autoclave technology Hydroclave is used to treat and dispose clinical waste, in addition our machines are designed for landfills, reference stations, manufacturing facilities, CDR systems, paper mills, hypermarkets, and more.


Our top-of-the-line equipment for hospital cafeterias and kitchens meets the high demands of commercial cooking and dining environments. We maintain strict hygiene requirements with ISO and European standards to ensure world-class service for our clients.

Smart Class Rooms

Students are empowered by a safe, secure, and pleasant environment to reach their potential, and become tomorrow’s leaders. A “Smart Classroom” uses technologically linked elements to enhance learning experience. It brings us one step close to a “Smart School” that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalization, automation, and data analysis.


Premium International brings the latest technology to revolutionize education and shape the future of Sri Lanka. We raise learning standards with robotic training equipment for students interested in the field of robotics engineering.


The latest development in automation technology allows for a seamless learning experience, with more accurate results, and maximum benefits to the students.