The Market Leader in Neonatal Ventilation in Sri Lanka

As the industry leader in integrated critical care solutions, we are committed to providing unrivaled, dependable around-the-clock technical support. Our high-end technological solutions for respiratory aid are designed to prolong patient life and tailored to address the specific challenges faced by hospitals. From concept to commercialization, we deliver fully realized projects that meet the evolving needs of critical care. With over 70% market share for both conventional and HFOV ventilators, we are widely recognized as the most dependable neonatal care service provider in the country.

Complete Solution for Ventilated and Non-Ventilated Patients

Panther 5 Top-Quality Ventilators Produced in Hungary

The Neonatal ICU at Castle Street Hospital for Women uses the Stephan-SOPHIE ventilator to save neonates weighing up to 600g

Workshop at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for children on the lastest trends in pediatric neonatal technology conducted by foreign faculty for consultants

Premium's equipment specialists provide comprehensive training on equipment assistance for hospital staff.