Upgrading of National Blood Transfusion Services, Sri Lanka


Construction & upgrading of peripheral blood banks of the National Blood Transfusion Services of Ministry of Health under Dutch assistance

Quality and reliable blood transfusion services are critical for national healthcare infrastructure. To improve the public healthcare delivery system, the Ministry of Health under Dutch financial assistance upgraded 89 blood banks of strategic hospitals around the country

Premium was responsible for the project development, logistics, implementation and technology integration

Project Description

Sri Lanka’s centrally regulated blood transfusion services system is often cited as an example to the region for its high quality and reliability.

In order to strengthen and modernize the island’s blood transfusion system, 19 modern regional blood banks were constructed and a further 70 blood banks were identified from around the country to introduce cutting edge technology for blood collection, processing, testing and distribution.

The contractor Simed International, collaborated with a host of globally renowned technology partners throughout the project duration.

Facility Description

  • Construction of 19 modern regional blood bank complexes of 6000 sq ft each around the country
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of over 1200 units of sophisticated blood bank and laboratory related equipment and instrumentation
  • Capacity building of clinical staff, medical laboratory technologists and other related staff

Premium’s Scope

  • Project development and regulatory approvals
  • Project planning, facilitation, project management, technical documentation and contract administration
  • Project logistics
  • Installation, commissioning testing and handing over of 35 types of blood bank and laboratory instrumentation totaling to over 1200 units in 89 hospitals across the island
  • Provision of warranty for 12 months
  • Post warranty comprehensive maintenance services

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